Prof. Bleen (6_bleen_7) wrote,
Prof. Bleen

Sliver Moon XLVIII

It’s been a while, eh? Alas, I really haven’t felt like writing in yonks.

I haven’t seen many sliver moons recently, either. It’s gotten so bad that I’ve almost fallen out of the habit of looking for them. (As I’ve complained many a time before, the stargazing here is considerably worse than even in Seattle.) Last Monday I was typing away, around nine in the evening, getting some work done, and I saw outside an early-evening sky surprisingly free of clouds. Sure would be nice if we had a sliver moon tonight, I mused. Then I looked at the calendar. The new moon was on the 9th—two days previous—so there was a sliver moon out there somewhere. Kewl! I dashed out and got where I could see the whole western sky. Crap—a large bank of wispy altocumulus clouds extended from the horizon up to about where I expected the sliver moon. And it was early enough that the moon might not even be visible yet. But then, as my eyes adjusted, I spied a hair-thin crescent riding just about the top of the clouds. Now that was exquisite timing.

I hope to be posting again soon. We got back from a vacation to the Yucatán last week, and I’ve got an entire travelogue to write. Cheers all!
Tags: sliver_moon
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