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Cat Tales: More Fun with Cats - Look out, it’s evil!
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Cat Tales: More Fun with Cats
So I was goofing around on my computer just now; Yuki was lounging on the carpet just behind me, and Altair was perched atop my old Mac, peering out the window. Suddenly I heard, "Huk! Huk! Huk! Huk!" I spun around and lunged for Yuki-chan to toss her off the carpet—but she was still just sitting there, staring at me with an innocent expression. With a sinking heart, and a rising gorge, I turned to Altair, and here's what I found (with the culprit entering from left to inspect her handiwork):

That's the worst one since the infamous Thanksgiving hurl-from-on-top-of-the-refrigerator-SPLAT! incident.


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