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Prof. Bleen

Sliver Moon XLIX: Butt Cold Edition

After about two weeks of unrelenting overcast, we finally got some clear sky late yesterday afternoon—just in time for SLIVER MOON! The sky after sunset was one of those crystal-clear sunsets with an entire rainbow of colors and nearly infinite visibility—the kind we only get in the Midwest when it’s about 2 °F outside. In fact, it was fully ten degrees warmer than that: the last couple of days’ worth of unceasing gales has scoured out all the smog and cleared the air a bit.

Funny, that after a half a year of not even coming close to viewing a sliver moon, last night’s would be clearly visible for about three hours. Took most of an hour to shovel us out from Thursday’s blizzard, but the sliver moon was smiling over my shoulder the entire time.

When we got home from work, Katheryne pointed a little north of west and asked me what that star was. I said it couldn’t possibly be a star—it was far brighter than any star—and no planet should be that far north. At first I reckoned it had to be an airplane, but it stayed fixed relative to the stars. Later, I saw Orion below and east of it, and Aldebaran directly to the east along the Ecliptic, and realized it had to be Jupiter. The last time I saw Jupiter, and recognized it, it was half-buried in the glow of sunset—so that had to be at least half a year ago. That’s just sad. In Seattle I always knew where to look for all the visible planets. And Seattle is justly famous for its dreary skies. Oh SIGH.

For some reason this winter has already been much tougher on me than average. November was butt cold, and though December was far more annoying than its just below average temperature overall would suggest: we had five days with highs over 50 °F and a huge number in the twenties. And the Saturday before Christmas was so bizarre I didn’t even enjoy the warmth. The temperature peaked near 60 °F but we had torrential rain all afternoon and evening, during which we had to drive some 60 miles home. Cleveland got over two inches of rain that day. What the pluperfect hell? It didn’t help that I was barely starting to recover from the ’flu, which perhaps accounted for much of my sensitivity to the weather. Alas, it will get even colder: Monday night’s forecast low is –8 °F, the coldest we’ve been in at least three years. Nowhere left to go from there but up.
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