Prof. Bleen (6_bleen_7) wrote,
Prof. Bleen

Sliver Moon L

Looks like I’m about to set a new record for late-posting a Sliver Moon update. I actually have a sliver moon backup. And for good reason: to make a very long story short, thanks to being assigned a last-minute teaching duty this semester, I’ve done hardly anything the last six weeks except work, sleep and freak out (in every possible permutation).

And view the occasional sliver moon.

One of the very few advantages of this beastly cold pseudo-spring is that we’ve had an unusual amount of sunshine (i.e., any at all). And—more to the point—clear skies in the evening. All I had to do was look vaguely westward within a couple hours after sunset on March 3, and I’d see a blazing two-and-a-half-day sliver moon. Since this time of year is the very best for spotting planets and sliver moons in the evening (on account of the steep angle of the Ecliptic relative to the horizon), I’d have seen March 2’s one-and-a-half-day sliver moon as well, if it hadn’t been cloudy to the west, sigh.

The sad part of all this lovely sky-viewing weather is that apart from an occasional sliver moon, there is hardly anything worth seeing in the evening. Jupiter is riding high and bright, but other than that, all the planets are on the wrong side of the sun.
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