January 26th, 2007


Hate, American Style (Scary Fundies Mark II)

I haven't found much time to write here in recent months, but I'd like to start a new recurring feature: The Scary Fundie Series. In retrospect, my rant about the nitwit parents of the Duggar family started off the Scary Fundie Series, and thus I've retroactively given that entry the designation of Scary Fundies Mark I.

Let's meet my Scary Fundie Mark II: Dr. Rev. Sam Gipp of Samuel Gipp Ministries. All I can say about the site as a whole is that I hope to God, The Flying Spaghetti Monster, Bokrug the Peachy-Keen, and anyone else who's listening that someone's having us on. If this is a parody, it's brilliantly executed. Nevertheless, I can't bring myself to believe it's satire—no parody could possibly be this outrageous. I hope that peace-loving Christians will be appalled by this as I.

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