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Look out, it’s evil!

Helping to drag America, kicking & screaming, into the Age of Enlightenment

Prof. Bleen
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"The Nobel prize in mathematics was awarded to a California professor who has discovered a new number! The number is bleen, which he says belongs between 6 and 7." —George Carlin

"I'm not as good a swimmer as I used to be, thanks to...evolution...." —Emo Philips

"I love and treasure individuals as I meet them; I loathe and despise the groups the identify with and belong to." —George Carlin, Brain Droppings

"One can imbue any statement, no matter how inconsequential, with a measure of significance simply by enclosing it in quotes and attributing it." —Me

[My LJ E-mail address is 6_bleen_7(at)livejournal(dot)com.]

I don't post about the minutiae of everyday life. You'll never hear about what I had for dinner, or my day at work—unless there is a good story in it. I occasionally write short, informal science essays for a well-educated general audience (in the style of the late Isaac Asimov). Lately, I haven't been motivated to write about politics or anything that raises my blood pressure, but in the past I have written numerous rants about pseudoscience, right-wing politics and popular culture. I occasionally write epic travelogues (like this one about a fondly-remembered vacation to Hawai‘i). I also post random thoughts whenever I've collected a few. Essays and travelogues are semi-serious writing; everything else is definitely not.

Home of the Idiotic Table of the Conservatives—updated for the 2008 presidential election (feel free to make suggestions—it's a work in progress) and a smattering of lame bumper stickers.

I have strong opinions about many things. You'll find most of them here (with the notable exception of music, but everyone has strong opinions about music).

Feel free to add me as a friend without asking, but please note that I may not reciprocate, though I will definitely check out your journal. I don't write anything in here that I wouldn't want the whole world to know about. Icons are mine unless otherwise indicated; all are free for the taking (but please acknowledge me if you do; and if you find one of yours in there, please let me know so I may attribute it properly).

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